Fostering UAM Initiatives in Korea

Korean Delegation’s Visit at Pentaxi office

We were thrilled to host the Korean delegation at Pentaxi offices to discuss mutual business initiatives in bringing Urban Air Mobility (UAM) to Korea. The visit marked a significant milestone in fostering collaboration and exploring the potential of UAM in South Korea.

Discussions revolved around implementing UAM in Korea, considering the unique landscape, regulations, and societal aspirations. Both sides shared their expertise and innovative perspectives, emphasizing safety and environmental sustainability.


Pentaxi showcased its groundbreaking UAM prototypes, highlighting passenger comfort, safety, and operational efficiency. The delegation witnessed the remarkable progress made in research and development.


The visit laid the foundation for an enduring partnership, pooling resources, knowledge, and expertise to drive UAM innovation forward in Korea.


Together, we will shape a transportation landscape that empowers individuals, stimulates economic growth, and improves the quality of life.


We express our gratitude to the Korean delegation for their presence and commitment to progress. The visit sets the stage for an exciting journey ahead.


We are confident that through collaborative efforts, robust regulatory frameworks, and meticulous planning, we can bring the benefits of UAM to the Korean populace.


Our shared goal is a safer, greener, and more connected world through the transformative power of Urban Air Mobility.