Fully Autonomous eVTOL Aircraft Designed to Soar to the Future

Pentaxi Heliport 1


PentaxiPas is an eVTOL air vehicle with a 12m wingspan and five rotating electric motors. This thrust-vectoring aircraft has a large cabin designed for four passengers and carries up to 400kg (880 lb.) in weight.

PentaxiPas is an autonomous, self-driving aircraft that moves fast and far, with an estimated cruise speed of 240km/hr. (150 mi/hr.) and maximum range of 320km (200 mi.)


PentaxiGo is an autonomous eVTOL air vehicle designed for cargo and logistic operation and comes in few models:

Two models are available for maximum logistics flexibility:

  • e-Go3 – Carrying 20kg for a range of 100 Km.
  • e-go5 – Carrying 100kg for a range of 150 Km.
  • e-Go10 – Carrying 400Kg for a range of 350 Km.

Fast and Easy Takeoff, Smooth and Seamless Ride

Introducing zero-emission PentaxiPass

Accelerated, Flexible Mobility for Short and Longer Commutes

Range up to 320km, cruising speed up to 320km/hr., flights up to 90 minutes

Unmatched Business-Class Comfort

Flexible seating for four (4) passengers and luggage, 400kg (880 lbs.) weight capacity, low turbulence sensitivity and variable pitch propellers enhance stability

Exceptionally Quiet Ride

Variable pitch propellers and ducted fan design provide low acoustic signature for a far quieter ride

Fully Autonomous Operation

Pilotless aircraft improves affordability as well as safety by reducing human error using Pentaxi’s autonomous flight management system

Cost-and Energy-Efficient Design

Designed with five (5) electric tilting motors for energy and cost efficiency; estimated 35% lower operating cost than industry standard